Retainer & Project Based

Retainer and Project based.

On the Retainer model, we work as a consultant with for-profit and not-for-profit institutions to help them 'Enter, Build and Scale" their FinTech and Financial Inclusion Business and Projects.

We Advise, Implement & Roll Out products, projects and alliances that are innovative, profitable, and sustainable."

We work on various services like launching FinTech platforms and business and business transformation to improve profitability and get new projects. We work with you till the business gets to a level where it becomes self-sustainable and can be taken up by your business team. 

We work with you to identify the right vendors at the best price from the open market and guide you in price and service negotiation as per your requirements.

Alternatively, we have commercial agreements with service providers whom we trust and work with, and if you wish, you may choose to work with them as your vendor.

We maintain absolute transparency in our work and conduct and help you to get what you want with all the options. You choose what works for you, and we commit to delivering that in the best way possible.

Working model

We charge you a fixed monthly fee and commit a certain number of days in a month or scope of work based on mutual discussion. We work closely with the assigned SPOC of your company, preferably top management or directly with you. At the end of the month, we share the work done status and the invoice for review and processing. We keep working with you as long or short as you want or after the discussed scope of work is completed, and we get on to the next big thing together.

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