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In the rapidly evolving FinTech world, it is important for a business professional, students and teachers to keep upskilling and learning about new things that can impact their careers, businesses and lives.

We know there are very few courses out there that focus on maintaining a fine balance between the Technical and Business aspects of Technology. And we develop exactly those type of courses that explains the technology and helps you to understand the business aspects of those.

Our courses are developed by Business Consultants who work in the FinTech and Financial Inclusion domain and are passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge with others. So you get the best of the theory and market strategies they learn from their practice.

Our courses under the brand name Global FinTech Academy (GFA) are pursued by 50,000 plus people in 181 countries in 50 languages. We are truly humbled by the response and appreciation we get from them. We will be glad to welcome and serve you through our courses and see you rising in your career.

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Get the course/s that you find suitable from the link below. Our courses are exclusively available Online on Udemy and Offline by our trainers.

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For Offline/In-person customised training or workshops write to us at  contact@inclusivefintechhub.com