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Who we are

Inclusive FinTech Hub (IFH) is a Global Consulting firm in the FinTech and Financial Inclusion domain... We will help you to Build and Scale your FinTech and Financial Inclusion Businesses and Projects, through Consultancy, Partnerships, Training and Implementation services. We work with Corporates, NGOs, Multilaterals, Microfinance and other Institutions to help them "Understand, Enter, Build and Scale" their FinTech and Financial Inclusion Businesses and Projects. At IFH, we firmly believe and follow that "Great ideas deserve meticulous planning and unwavering execution". We are not just dreamers; we are doers driven by a collective mission to leave a lasting imprint on our client's success stories. We are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who have built and run Businesses and big Projects and scaled them for multiple clients. We are ready and eager to work with you and your stakeholders if you work or intend to work in the FinTech and Financial Inclusion domain as your core business or as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Grants.

Fintech Consultancy, Partnerships and Training

Our Services
Build Products & Platforms

"If you are a FinTech, a Bank or any other Financial Institution wanting to develop new financial products. We will help you to conceptualise and build those following the business case and design thinking principles. Or, if want to Build and Scale your FinTech platform under your brand, we will help you with that...

Partnerships & Solutions

"We provide Software, APIs and Solutions to the institutions. Contact us if you need APIs and Solutions in Identity, KYC, Payments, Lending, ONDC, Account Aggregator, Blockchain, Insurance, Money Remittance, AR/XR, LOS, LMS and other Digital Public Infrastructures (DPI), Merchant, retailer portal and App ."..

Learn FinTech

"The Financial Technology or FinTech world is dynamic and is evolving rapidly across the world. It has many verticals and each one is huge and complex. It is important to understand what suits you and your business and what it takes to get there. We deliver both Offline and Online FinTech training and workshops...

FinTech for Micro Finance

"If you are a Micro Finance Institution (MFI) or working in the microfinance domain as one of your business verticals and planning to go completely or partially digital, then we have the right People, Products, Partnerships and Training to take you through your digital/fintech journey....

Build & Scale Agent Banking

"If you are a bank or a financial institution wanting to build or scale your mobile network operator (MNO), Cash in Cash Out (CICO), Mobile Money or BC agent-based banking business, reach out to us. We will help you to understand, build and scale through our expertise and partnerships...

Consultancy & Projects

"We help companies to "Conceptualise, Build and Scale" their FinTech business. Includes Licensing, Business Model Development, Product Development, Partnerships and many more. We also consult Colleges and Financial Institutions to set up their Incubation cells and manage them...

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: Shaping a world where every business, institution, and individual has the tools and knowledge to thrive in the digital financial era.

Mission: To equip businesses and institutions with the insights, resources, and strategies needed to navigate and succeed in the dynamic FinTech ecosystem.

Our FinTech Certificate Courses

Global FinTech Academy is Simplifying FinTech for Everyone. Global FinTech Academy is a leading on-demand training institution in the FinTech domain. Our instructors have vast and diverse experience working in the domain. Students from 181 countries pursue our courses in 50 languages and have rated them highly. Courses on Financial Technology for Non-Tech Professionals. Click Read more below to explore and choose your training and workshop requirements. Basic or advanced, we have the experts and expertise. If it's FInTech, Learn from us.

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We handhold you through your FinTech Journey: Build & Scale

Articles and Publications
Augmented Reality for Financial Literacy: An Innovative Approach to Delivering Immersive Customer Education. Read our article..….

Experiences in India and Ghana remind us that it is not just the design of the products themselves that matter for women, but the means through which they are marketed and delivered. When this involves female entrepreneurs in their capacity as mobile money agents, we must not underestimate the supporting environment they need as well, to be successful business owners and conduits for women’s access to digital financial services.......….