FinTech for Micro Finance

FinTech for Micro Finance

FinTech for Micro Finance

If you are a Micro Finance Institution (MFI) or working in the microfinance domain as one of your business verticals and planning to go completely or partially digital, then we have the right People, Products, Partnerships and Training to take you through your digital/fintech journey where you decide what, why and how to digitalise your business or process.

We follow the "Engage, Learn, Build or Drop the Idea" approach in our consultancy practice.

1. Engage: Engage with us through a meeting or workshop where we learn about the challenges you are facing and what you intend to achieve through digitalisation.

2. Learn: Based on the input we will arrange a customised workshop/training for your key stakeholders to discuss and share more about the technologies, possibilities, alternative solutions, business cases and resources that you may require or need to commit to achieving the desired state.

3. Build / Postpone / Drop the Idea: If after going through the training and resource requirements etc you believe you want to go ahead and implement the solution or build the product, we will help you end to end on the Turnkey project basis, or you can do it yourself depending on your decision. Or after the training and workshop you may like to postpone or drop the idea as well depending on the business situation or priorities. 

We will guide and support you in all three stages as your partner. We want the best for your business.

If you are interested in starting with the Engage level write to us at